Terms & Conditions

Thank you for choosing to choose a store for the lake. We would like to inform you about the terms and conditions of this site.

Like any other online store, the lake store has its own rules and conditions, so accepting and registering it means reading and being aware of it.

Define user and client

A person in the Lake Store is creating an account to contact the store in order to receive the services and products

A customer of a party that has no online subscription from an online shopping site


1. All products and goods in the store of the lake are provided by companies, dealers, factories and authorized products and are delivered to customers. Therefore, the responsibility for issuing factual (formal and informal) and garantine and after sales services is to represent And companies. The lake store only keeps things going.

2. Delivery of goods, after the customer's office from the dealers, the factory of the mahtber carried out by the postal and freight companies are valid and the cost of sending the goods is the responsibility of the customer.
3. In-house industrial products (inverter) are generally skewed and generally distinct, and their model and technical specifications are different, so make sure you have an inverter with the specifications you need. The Inverted Lake Store will provide the customer with the specifications and technical specifications ordered for the customer. Contact us if you need help.

4. After ordering and depositing the customer, in case of absence of goods in the warehouse, the customer will be contacted and the money will be returned to the account due to the coordination of the money deposited.

5. Ordered on Thursday will be arranged on Saturday

6. Return of industrial goods within 7 days is possible only under the following conditions

The wrong item has been sent to the customer

When delivering goods from a postman or merchant, HAMA will match the purchase invoice with the item and then deliver and open the box.

(Otherwise, it is not covered by the 7-day warranty)

All postage is charged to the customer

Industrial goods by authorized dealers are 1 year warranty and after-sales service.

The Lake Store hopes to provide a safe, fun, and safe experience for all users.

Thank you dear ones