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LS LS inverter model iV5 / Full Flux vector control inverter with Qalyt

Very good performance  for lifts and cranes

    A powerful solution for systems Inverter
    Advanced control speed and torque (200% to 250% torque moment)
    The exact speed and location synchronization performance
    The automatic measurement of motor parameters in static mode
    Auto PID / stretch - torque
    Ultra-precise control by card optional encoder input sine
    Synchronous motor control method Sensorless control (engine SMP & IPM)
    Specialized functions for extensive application:
    The ability to balance time, the ability to control the thickness, inertia compensation feature, the quick stop
    Dynamic brakes are (2 .2-22 KW) Built-in
    User-friendly display with the ability separation
    Detachable terminal of control socket (Plug-in type)
    The board increased input / output (optional): EL I / O (for Karrd elevator)
    Optional Card Encoder division (Type Open Collector)
    With optional synchronization (speed and position)
    Goods encoder Sincos
    Inverter monitoring and control capabilities through computer software Drive View

INput AC voltaj 380
power 7.5
Current overload 16
Dimension and saize
Width 200
hight 284
Depth 207

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